Private Flute Lessons

Flute lessons in my scenic Seattle studio

If you live in the Seattle area and want to take private flute lessons, let’s talk. I’ve had a thriving studio for 35 years, and I love to teach! My only requirement? That you love to learn!


Discover what sets Bonnie Blanchard Studio apart.

Are Private Flute Lessons For You?


Can’t I learn enough from a book or by playing in band?

Books may tell you how to finger the notes and count, but they can’t catch you when you make a mistake, coach you to get a good tone, or teach you to play musically. They can’t check your posture and hand position, or tell if you play out of tune.

A book may help you with some basics, but a private teacher acts as a personal trainer who can collaborate with you to solve your problems and work with your own learning style.

A book never tells you to go home and practice more, helps you with stage fright, or holds a recital.

What about band?

Playing in school band or orchestra is a great way to meet friends, practice teamwork, learn new music, support your school, and sometimes take exciting trips.

But if you look around, you’ll notice that the kids who play best are usually the ones who take private lessons.

Your poor band or orchestra conductor usually has a hundred kids to teach at one time and might not even play your instrument.

And besides, who wants to just play band music? Only a private teacher who is expert on your instrument can give you the help you need.

When you take private lessons, you will:

  • •  Learn to play correctly from the beginning

  • •  Leave the tough beginning stages faster

  • •  Learn tricks to make playing easier and more fun

  • •  Gain a new adult mentor and friend

  • •  Meet kids your age who play instruments

  • •  Be motivated by your teacher

  • •  Enjoy more musical opportunities

  • •  Have more fun!

You may worry about the cost of lessons or how much time it takes to go to lessons and practice, but I promise you, the time and money you spend taking music lessons will be one of the best investments you (and your parents) will ever make.

It may seem like a big sacrifice now, but learning to play with a living, breathing teacher can be the difference between giving up in frustration and developing a lifelong passion.

My Teaching Philosophy


Being a music teacher isn’t just a profession, it’s a passion. I’m so lucky to be able to change the world through music.

When people ask me how much I make as a music teacher I tell them, “I make a difference!”

I look at each new student as a treasure box that I get to open. From the first lesson, I treat each student as a budding star.

If we work together I know we can make each student a happy, successful musician.


Here are the four principles of my teaching:


Teach the whole musician, not just the instrument.

What does that mean? My students learn the basics of music including sight-reading, music theory, music history, and musicality so that they eventually become their own teachers and can continue learning music their entire lives. “Teach a student a piece and he plays for a day but teach a student his scales and he plays for a lifetime. “


Good enough is never good enough.

When students are held to a high standard from the very beginning the results will be amazing! Students replica rolex watch need to develop pride and respect for the music, the studio, and themselves.


It’s not worth it unless you’re having fun.

Music can be serious, but learning music is supposed to be fun! Every lesson should have some laughter and a little bit of the unexpected (like my rubber chicken!)


And, most importantly, love your students, and they’ll love their lessons and their music.

Base your teaching on relationships. When teachers truly enjoy their students and form a bond with each one of them, students will be open to the right balance of pressure and support. Through music and the relationship with a teacher, students learn more than music, they learn lessons for life.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

—Maya Angelou

My Flute Family


Beginners, advanced players, and adults are all welcome in my studio. My only requirement is that you really want to be here and that you practice faithfully.

At your first lesson, I'll introduce you to your new “flute family” through pictures on the bulletin board in my studio. Through our many studio events, my students get to know each other and many have become life-long friends.

I have attended three weddings where the bridesmaids and bride first met through their grade-school quartet!

The older students provide valuable role models for the younger ones and also take an interest and mentor them. Together we form a special club to support each other.

Ready to Get Started?


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students with Gerard Schwartz

Jerry Schwarz invited 10 of Bonnie’s students to perform at Benaroya Hall in a flute choir piece for 11 flutes. It was a challenging and exciting experience!

Students in Studio

Flutist extraordinaire Darlene Drew, who travels with Disney's production of The Lion King, brought her many exotic flutes to Bonnie's studio in a presentation about the flutes and life in the orchestra.

Annual retreat

What’s better than fun and flutes in the mountains?
Donna Shin, Professor of Flute at the University of Washington (and Bonnie’s former student) joins us for three days At Mt Baker for our annual flute retreat.

Annual retreat

Janna and Munya know the way to their teacher’s heart.

Annual retreat

Bonnie’s students meet their idols, James and Jeanne Galway.

In their own words…

Working with Bonnie Blanchard’s four fantastic high school flutists was a delight… Their ability to integrate with the various idiosyncrasies of the orchestral timbres and rhythms indicated a high level of musical sensitivity and sophistication that I have rarely experienced from that age group. Bravo!

—George Shangrow, Director Seattle Chamber Singers and Orchestra Seattle

I am always deeply impressed with the level of performance in Bonnie Blanchard’s studio. Not only are her students at the top of their game, but also they clearly love Bonnie and thrive on her teaching approach.

—Catherine Miller, Vice President, Miyazawa (USA)

Bonnie Blanchard has a rare gift as a profound flute teacher and author. The teaching methods outlined in her books have influenced many award-winning students who have gone on to launch professional careers, either as performers or educators.

—Diane Hsu

I was so impressed with the quality of Bonnie Blanchard’s high school flute quartet that I invited them to perform a concerto with the Seattle Symphony. Their technique, tone, intonation and musicality were extraordinary. Bonnie is an inspirational and motivating master teacher.

—Gerard Schwarz, Conductor Seattle Symphony

Every year I hear hundreds of flutists from around the country, and Bonnie Blanchard’s students are a cut above. Her unique teaching style produces musicians with excellent playing skills who demonstrate a joy for music. Bonnie Blanchard delivers!

—Jeff Weissman,
President and owner, JB Weissman Music Company