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Sharing what I've learned over my career and giving fellow teachers new strategies to try is one of my favorite things to do! I love to inspire and be inspired by the wonderful people I meet at these events.





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In their own words…

I wish you could come and speak to ALL flute teachers on your hopes, dreams, laughs, and inspiring stories. You are a bright light that can't be are electric and eclectic!

—Cheryl A. Tomczuk,
El Paso, Texas

Bravo Bonnie!

"Transform Your Teaching," Bonnie Blanchard's inspiring program in April, was truly transforming! Both touching and hilarious anecdotes peppered her points, illustrating how to increase our effectiveness as teachers through relationship-based teaching, setting high standards and helping our students reach them, and inspiring respect and pride in our studio. New and seasoned teachers alike took many notes and left in the midst of energetic conversations, stimulated by her remarkable and motivating perspective. Thank you Bonnie, for reminding us that music teachers have one of the best jobs in the world!

        —Eastside MTNA

Bonnie's ideas are wonderful for keeping the music studio energized, organized and the students happy. They are great ideas I haven't heard anywhere else!

      —Diana Dallal,
The Dallal Music Studio

…What I've been left with is the wonderful joyfulness of all the people present. We learned so much in the morning session, and it was particularly special to see some teachers who ordinarily would sit back and not participate TOTALLY get into the spirit of the afternoon session.

Your interaction breaks were terrific for putting teachers at ease as well as mixing. The role reversal at the end of the session where the students got to be the teachers, and the teachers got to imitate the students, was the greatest idea to end with. You've got a great thing going here.

—Onnie Adams, President Tri-Cities MTNA

I enjoyed your talk at Eastside Music Teachers Association very much. You reinforced some of what I think I do well and gave me many new ideas to think about. I will learn a lot from your book and the rubber chicken will save my from the sound of my own voice saying as patiently as I can, "No, that scale is not correct!" The chicken simply cannot abide incorrect scales, but she will make my students laugh.

        —Marcia Soule