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Studio Recordings

In recent years, my students have enjoyed the extraordinary opportunity to record a favorite selection at Opus 4 Studios, thanks to the generosity of my friend and studio owner Mike Matesky.

2014–2015 Student Recordings

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2013–2014 Student Recordings

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2012–2013 Student Recordings

Brooke Lambert (Grade 4): Telemann Sonata in F major: Vivace

Adelle Koenig (Grade 5): Mozart: Andante in C Major

Minsoo Kwon (Grade 5): Concerto in D Major: Rondeau — Allegretto by L. Boccherini

Suin Lee (Grade 5): Tambourin by Jean Philippe Rameau

Jessie Liu (Grade 5): W.A. Mozart: Rondo

Alex Rosenbaum (Grade 5): Handel and Bach

Jake Barreth (Grade 7): In Ireland by Hamilton Harty

Hannah Ko (Grade 7): Flute Concerto in G Major Movements II & III, by J.J. Quantz

Parker Lambert (Grade 7): Ernest Bloch: Suite Modale Mvt. I & III

DeMeaus Wong (Grade 7): Fantasía para un gentilhombre: Españoleta, by Rodrigo

Madeline Gim (Grade 7) and Zoe Sheill (Grade 7): Carnival of Venice, by Giulio Briccialdi

Elise Kim (Grade 9): Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26 by Franz Doppler

Elise Kim (Grade 10): Concerto for flute, by Otar Gordeli

Elise Kim (Grade 10): Concerto for flute by Otar Gordeli

Rachel Thomson (Grade 10): Poem, by Charles Griffes

Jihyun Esther Lee (Grade 10): Concertino by Cécile Chaminade

Fred Kim (Grade 12): Concerto for Flute, Op. 39 Mv't. I, by Lowell Liebermann

Fred Kim (Grade 12): La Flûte de Pan Op. 15, Second Movement, by Jules Mouquet

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): Karg-Elert Caprice No. 3

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): Concerto for Flute and orchestra (D.F.119), by Nielsen

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): A Midsummer Night's Dream: Scherzo, by Mendelssohn

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): Concerto No. 1 in G major K. 313, by W. A. Mozart

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): Concerto No. 1 in G major K. 313, by W. A. Mozart

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 12): Solo from Sym. No. 4 in E min. Op. 98, Mv't. 4


2011–2012 Student Recordings

Jiamei Goodwin (Grade 2): Gavotte, by J. S. Bach

Brooke Lambert (Grade 3): The Swan, by Saint-Saëns & Boogie Woogie Goose

Jessie Liu (Grade 4): Sicilienne, by Gabriel Fauré

Adelle Koenig (Grade 4): Air, by François Couperin

Madeline Gim (Grade 6): Concerto for Flute, Op. 69 Mvt. 2, by Bernhard Molique

Madeline Gim (Grade 6): Concerto for Flute, Op. 69 Mvt. 3, by Bernhard Molique

Hannah Ko (Grade 6): Allegro, by J. B. Loeillet

Zoe Sheill (Grade 6): Ballade, by C. E. Reinecke

Jake Barreth (Grade 6): Sonatina, by Antonin Dvořák

DeMeaus Wong (Grade 6): Hungarian Serenade, by Victorin Joncieres

Parker Lambert (Grade 6): Pan Pastorale, by Johannes Donjon

Elise Kim (Grade 8): Ballade, by Frank Martin

Ayse Hunt (Grade 9): Russian Gypsy Song, by Wilhelm Popp

Esther Lee (Grade 9): Concerto for Flute Op. 283 Mv'ts. 2 & 3, by Carl Reinecke

Sarah Lim (Grade 10): Flute Sonata: Aria, Allegro Scherzando, by Otar Taktakishvili

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 11): Sicilienne, by Maria Theresia von Paradis

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 11): Carmen Fantasy (Arr. Francis Borne), by Bizet

Haoming Wang (Grade 11): Gordelli Flute Concerto, Opus 8, by Otar Gordeli

Sabrina Bounds (Grade 11): Fantasie, by Georges Hue

Jennifer Shin (Grade 11): Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, by Franz Doppler

Irene Hwang (Grade 11): Concertino pour Flûte, by Cécile Louise Chaminade

Fred Kim (Grade 11): Flute Concerto, Mv't. 1, by Aram Khachaturian

Fred Kim (Grade 11): Concerto No. 1 in G major K. 313, Allegro maestoso, by W. A. Mozart

Selina Shin (Grade 12): Carnival of Venice, by Giulio Briccialdi



2011–2012 Ensembles

DeMeaus Wong, Parker Lambert & Zoe Sheill: How Can I Keep From Singing/Little Red Monkey

Elise Kim, Rachel Thomson, Evan Pengra Sult: Coffee Jitters

Sarah Lim , Elise Kim, Esther Lee and Rachel Thomson: Ròs Bothan by Catherine McMichael

Adelle & Helen Koenig: Si Bheag, Si Mhor (Irish Air)


2010–2011 Student Recordings

Jiamei Goodwin (Age 7): Three Short Pieces

Madeline Gim (Grade 5): The Swiss Shepherd, by Pietro Morlacchi

Jason Pyke (Grade 5): Andante in C, by W.A. Mozart

Zoe Sheill (Grade 5): La Cenerentola, by Jean Remusat and Alphonse LeDuc

DeMeaus Wong (Grade 5): by J. B. Loeillet

Luke Yugawa (Grade 6): Waltz, by Rutter

Elise Kim (Grade 7): Sonata, by Otar Taktakishvili

Rachel Thomson (Grade 8): Fantasia para un gentilhombre, by Joaquên Rodrigo

Esther Lee (Grade 8): Fantasie, by Gabriel FaurZ¯

Julia Pyke (Grade 8): Air Valaques, by Franz Doppler

Fred Kim (Grade 10): "In Ireland," by Sir Hamilton Harty

Fred Kim (Grade 10): Morceau de Concours, by Gabriel FaurZ¯

Haoming Wang (Grade 10): Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando, by Philippe Gaubert

Evan Pengra Sult (Grade 10): Concertino, by Chaminade

Sabrina Bounds (Grade 10): Hungarian Fantasie, by Franz Doppler

Tian Tian Metzger (Grade 10): Andante from Sonata V in E Minor, by J. S. Bach

Jennifer Shin (Grade 10): Poem, by Charles Tomlinson Griffes

Selina Shin (Grade 11): Allegro con brio, Sonata in D, Op. 9,4 by S. Prokofiev

Angela Oh (Grade 12): Concerto Opus 8, by Otar Gordeli



2010–2011 Ensembles

Jocelyn and Meagan Howland: Two Short Pieces

Rachel Thomson & Elise Kim: Coffee Nerves, by Gary Schocker

Parker & Brooke Lambert: Various pieces

Fred Kim & Haoming Wang: Andante & Rondo, by Franz Doppler



2009–2010 Student Recording

Lauren Glass (Grade 12): Bach Sonata V in E minor — Andante

Lauren Glass (Grade 12): Mozart Flute Concerto No. 1 in G K. 313

Lauren Glass (Grade 12): Prokofiev Sonata in D Major, Allegro con brio

Lauren Glass (Grade 12): Ibert Concerto Movement 1


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students with Gerard Schwartz

Jerry Schwarz invited 10 of Bonnie’s students to perform at Benaroya Hall in a flute choir piece for 11 flutes. It was a challenging and exciting experience!

Students in Studio

Flutist extraordinaire Darlene Drew, who travels with Disney's production of The Lion King, brought her many exotic flutes to Bonnie's studio in a presentation about the flutes and life in the orchestra.

Annual retreat

What’s better than fun and flutes in the mountains?
Donna Shin, Professor of Flute at the University of Washington (and Bonnie’s former student) joins us for three days At Mt Baker for our annual flute retreat.

Annual retreat

Janna and Munya know the way to their teacher’s heart.

Annual retreat

Bonnie’s students meet their idols, James and Jeanne Galway.

In their own words…

Working with Bonnie Blanchard’s four fantastic high school flutists was a delight… Their ability to integrate with the various idiosyncrasies of the orchestral timbres and rhythms indicated a high level of musical sensitivity and sophistication that I have rarely experienced from that age group. Bravo!

—George Shangrow, Director Seattle Chamber Singers and Orchestra Seattle

I am always deeply impressed with the level of performance in Bonnie Blanchard’s studio. Not only are her students at the top of their game, but also they clearly love Bonnie and thrive on her teaching approach.

—Catherine Miller, Vice President, Miyazawa (USA)

Bonnie Blanchard has a rare gift as a profound flute teacher and author. The teaching methods outlined in her books have influenced many award-winning students who have gone on to launch professional careers, either as performers or educators.

—Diane Hsu

I was so impressed with the quality of Bonnie Blanchard’s high school flute quartet that I invited them to perform a concerto with the Seattle Symphony. Their technique, tone, intonation and musicality were extraordinary. Bonnie is an inspirational and motivating master teacher.

—Gerard Schwarz, Conductor Seattle Symphony

Every year I hear hundreds of flutists from around the country, and Bonnie Blanchard’s students are a cut above. Her unique teaching style produces musicians with excellent playing skills who demonstrate a joy for music. Bonnie Blanchard delivers!

—Jeff Weissman,
President and owner, JB Weissman Music Company